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Are Natural Healing and Conventional Medicine Compatible?

Natural healing is not a new approach to medicine by any means, in fact, it is much older than conventional methods that most people use nowadays. Many people are now starting to rely more and more on natural healing because they simply like the practices better or they simply want a more natural way of dealing with the medical problems that they have. However, what most people are wondering is if they can mix natural healing practices with conventional methods? The answer really depends on what two the person is mixing and whether they will have side-effects when put together.

For example, those that are trying to relieve anxiety naturally may decide to partake in a yoga class or some other physical activity like this in order to lower the amount of anxiety that they are feeling. When combining this with anti-anxiety medications the person should be fine since they are not really introducing a new component into the body they are simply exercising, which is not frowned upon at all. It is in these circumstances that most doctors will fully encourage the person to mix these natural healing practices with the conventional methods that they are using.

When it comes to taking herbal supplements with mainstream medication, the risk of having problems does rise in doing this. This is why doctors should be aware of all the things that people are taking so that they will know if either will have an effect on each other. For example, those that have high blood pressure are going to be given a high blood pressure pill by the doctor, while a natural healer may prescribe a herb that does the same. Taking them both is not going to double the chances of the person lowering their blood pressure, instead it may cause the blood pressure to rise even more since the two medications are going to be working against each other in the body. Therefore, if you can mix herbal medication with mainstream medication, the answer is usually no. Most people either take the herbal medications or the mainstream medications.

Those that are worrying about everything that they are taking, they should seek the advice of a doctor. Most mainstream doctors are not going to encourage the use of natural healing practices. Just as most natural healers are not going to promote the use of mainstream medication. It is up to the person to make the decision on which they would prefer to take. And they should base this off which makes them feel their best and helps to solve the problem that they may be experiencing. There are going to be instances in which both of these medications can be used and the person is going to have to make a choice. The last thing that a person should do is mix these natural healing ways with the mainstream ways without the advice of a health care professional. Doing so, could cause the person to end up making their health worse and suffering more in the end because of this. For more information visit